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Sell more vehicles for more profit with your own personal video presentation service.

Getting started

The process of selling cars, has been established for many years. But the Internet and search has changed customer behaviour. This has effected the sales process for every modern retailer. Personal, timely video presentations help to re-create customer engagement.

CitNOW is easy for your sales team to use. Start by recording your personal video on the CitNOW app. When finished, press ‘send’. A brand approved email is sent with a link to a well designed web page where your customer can watch their video.

After watching a video your video viewer can rate their video and leave feedback. This provides you with valuable feedback on the impact of your video and how well your team is doing.

When the video is watched, your sales person receives a notification to call the customer. Managers can also access dashboard reporting to see the video ratings, performance of one sales person or a whole group.

A UK BMW/MINI team used reporting to track their 5 dealerships over 12 months. They made 13,225 sales videos and saw a 25% increase in car sales over the previous year. A great return on investment.

Request a Demo

CitNOW Sales in use

Lee’s video is over 8 minutes long and a perfect presentation of a nearly new vehicle. All good presentations start with a personal introduction and the vehicle parked correctly. He takes his time, providing an in-depth condition report.

He refers to the customer’s needs, previously discovered on the telephone. When Lee opens the boot, we appreciate the size because of the luggage that he has used.

Inside the vehicle, the description is thorough, including an odometer reading. Finally, he finishes with a clear call to action.

Case Study: Stourbridge Volkswagen

When Simon Volans, Brand Manager at Stourbridge Volkswagen in the UK started using CitNOW the impact was immediate. At first CitNOW was used for new car deliveries. This soon spread to enquiries, prospecting and appointment confirmation.

Customer satisfaction scores have risen and the sales team’s performance has improved. Customers have more confidence when visiting. They know who to look for and they have already seen the vehicle they are likely to buy. Simon’s investment has more than paid for itself.

Optional Extra's


CitNOW SMS sends your video link in a text message as well as an email. The result – dealer emails and texts get opened twice as quickly and open rates double. It’s an essential bolt-on for CitNOW Sales and Workshop.


Stop and start recording many times but the customer receives one seamless personal video from the Sales Executive. This takes care of those getting in and out of car moments, introductions to camera and calls to action. Stop – review – start – repeat.


If you’ve just watched a web video and you want more information on that car, what do you do? A simple, painless ‘next step’, is to offer the browser a personal video request. This drives enquiries to the CitNOW iPod in the showroom, straight from your website. (We let your Sales Manager know as well via email).

Next steps

If you would like to experience the power of CitNOW, request an ‘instant demo’ using the button below and we will send you a personal video.

The process of getting started is easy. Our support team will organise on-site training with one of our Academy consultants. The 3 day recommended programme will make sure you are making the most of CitNOW from the start. This is spread over the first 60-90 days.

Support is always on hand. We have a dedicated in-house support and client services team and all of our customers have an Account Manager.

Feel free to call us on 01189 977740.

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